What is PIPESS? (www.pipesscme.com)

The Practice Improvement Practice Enhancing Simulation System (PIPESS) is multi-modal and non-linear educational platform emulating how a physician encounters decision-making in practice, and demonstrates how the physician interacts with patients, caregivers, other physicians and others. PIPESS uses full motion video, audio, interactive animation, illustration and interactive intra-activity questioning designed to grab and maintain the attention of the learner.


As a multi-modal system PIPESS encourages the learner to participate in simulated activities, reference needed information to improve knowledge – to effectively reduce time, increase knowledge and confidence toward diagnosis and treatment thereby optimizing care and, improve clinical time efficiency, and ultimately, improve outcomes for patients. The simulation allows an opportunity for the learner to explore application of communication skills, assess and apply up to date evidence based guidelines for practice, and further the ability of the learner in recommendation of particular treatment strategies. PIPESS delivers highly relevant, time-efficient, yet entertaining learning modules while incorporating simulation experiences and adult learning theory principles delivered to the point of care.



















What is SKILS? (www.capcme.com)

SKILS presents learners with reality situations alongside expert presentations from renowned faculty to deliver current knowledge on diagnosis, therapies and methodologies. Reality situations include doctor/patient, doctor/doctor, doctor/caregiver, caregiver/patient,  and so on. Situations and expert content are scripted to focus on the educational objectives, with each objective achieved in short, 12 – 15 minute, learning experiences. SKILS uses. SKILS uses pre-, and post-testing to measure knowledge and skill retention. SKILS is used online and on DVD and can be used as:

• A self-guided information program with no live communication, or

• Online, live, or with phone assisted browsing through virtual presentations

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