Interactive Learning


In Studio & on Location 

STEPSs brings learners access to interactive and entertaining content in a user-friendly manner with the PIPESS eLearning platform.

Content is customized to the distinct needs and culture of any organization. STEPSs disseminates real-time content to learners in multiple mediums based on identified learning styles to enhance knowledge, skills, competence, and performance.

By communicating with the participant throughout the learning process, STEPSs provides self-directed and monitored learning linked to qualitative and quantitative outcomes assessment to demonstrate impact on the actual performance of the learner.

Simumetrix's professional team with more than 20 Emmys in television and film productions is ready to assist you with scripted in studio or on location productions:

- Live events from conferences, workshops and seminars to rock concerts are within our scope of operations.

- Live webcasting for immediate distribution.

- Cloud hosting for long term use.


Product Branding & Education

Interactive, educational and entertaining content delivering your promotional message in 5 – 7 minutes maximizes time efficiency, retention and recall, or use the 2-minute short form as a teaser when time is limited.
- Designed to work hand in hand with your learners needs
- Leverages what is relevant to your customer
- Links to add-ons that provide supporting content.
- Opt-in functionality enables buy-in to your products and services
- Track users, embed market research questions and produce outcomes reports.


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Sets, Simulation & Animation

Bring your content to life using the latest technologies.

Complex problems are made easier to understand using interactive programming with augmented reality and animation in virtual productions. Incorporating the principles of adult learning theory and television psychology with these technologies will provide your learners with an enhanced experience that will be assured to grab and retain their attention.